Rescue 920

Rescue 920 can be received either as a walk around version or with a full-sized cabin.

Rescue 920 WA has convenient space on both sides of the cabin, and one comes in easily through the sliding doors, located on both of the sides. Due to the large windows and the sliding hatch in the ceiling, the atmosphere in the cabin is airy and spacious. There is also two independent high-quality Grammer seats, modifiable and adjustable for different weights of crew members. In the back of the cabin, there is a sofa for three people. The cabin has room for storage space and cabinets, as most of the machinery has been strategically installed down in the hull to maintain a balance.

The forward deck is equipped with a fully waterproof deck hatch, leading to roomy storage spaces. On the aft deck, there is, additionally, lockable storage in the watertight seat boxes. These, however, are easily removable in case the deck space is needed for something else. The aft deck is well sheltered with protecting walls sticking out from the wheelhouse, and the folding table makes it a natural place to enjoy a meal with friends. Handrails are placed all over the deck, outside and inside the wheelhouse.

The outboard engine(s) is fixed on a strong transom bracket, enabling large swimming platforms on both sides. The swim ladder is a proper diving ladder, and also suitable to use when wearing diving fins.

Despite the well-planned structure, and stylish design and detailing, the extraordinary hull structure is what surprises our customers. The top speed in meter-high waves with the boats in the Work series is remarkably higher than in comparable boats from our competitors. Come and try it yourself!

ApplicationDefence & Security
Length9,4 M
Beam3 M
Engine Range2 x 150 - 350 HP
Fuel250 LITER
Speed Range35 - 45 KN

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