Work 1620 Cat

Work 1620 Cat is a high-capacity catamaran. The small draft of the Work 1620 Cat allows access to shallow beaches. The boat is equipped with a crane that is powered by a separate hydraulic machine. The same hydraulic machine uses the wide hydraulic bow door and capstan.

Spacious, but protected from the sides, the aft level is on the same level as the deck and a safe place to work. For increased safety, there are removable handrails at the bow ramp. The deck is made of anti-slip aluminum and has plenty of attachment points for the cargo. In addition to the standard deck lighting, the boat has a liftable mast with powerful spotlights for safe working even in the dark.

Work 1620 Cat is designed to carry up to 10 people. Six of them have room in the heated and ventilated wheelhouse. The operator and the map reader can use suspension seats, and four other passengers sit in a padded backseat.

Main Dimension
ApplicationHarbour & Terminal
Length16,4 M
Beam6,1 M
Engine Range2 x 250 - 300 HP
Fuel2 x 600 LITER
Speed Range15 - 16 KN
Draft0,7 M
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