Patrol 1540

The Kewatec Patrol 1540 is a fast patrol boat that can handle adverse weather conditions without a problem. When operating at slow speeds in the harbor, the computer-controlled joystick controller makes the Patrol 1540 remarkably easy to handle. The boat features a spacious wheelhouse, a comprehensive navigation and communication system equipped with the latest technology, and plenty of free working space.

All the facilities are well-ventilated and efficiently heated. The same applies to the engine room and the separate tank space, whether the boat is in motion or the engines are turned off. When anchored or docked without shore power, an efficient yet quiet diesel generator provides power for a large electrical system, exceeding the capacity of standard batteries.

The machine room, wheelhouse, and cabin all have mechanical ventilation while in operation. In case of an emergency, all engines and ventilation hatches can be quickly shut down with a single button from the wheelhouse.

Main Dimension
ApplicationDefence & Security
Length15,4 M
Beam4,3 M
Engine Range2 x 425 - 700 HP
Speed Range30 - 40 KN
Draft0,8 M
Fuel2 x 1000 L
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