Norcraft 1066-390

The design of the Norcraft Fishing Boat range is based on years of experience in design, manufacture and customer requirements. The work boat range combines the reliability of traditional work boats and new innovations in order to give you the best possible working environment. Arrangements of hulls and decks of the Norcraft work boats are designed and built by professionals for professionals, making them excellent work boats for general purpose.

The boats are available both as open deck versions or equipped with silent and comfortable cabins for up to 14 persons. Their robust hulls and decks with their bow ramps are designed for optimum loading and load capacity without compromising performance in sea conditions.

When your work calls for safety and practicality, the Norcraft boats offer effective alternatives with speed range from 22 to 40 knots, depending on the version and choice of engine.

Main Dimension
ApplicationFishing & Aquaculture
Length10,66 / 10,99 M
Beam3,9 M
Engine Range400 - 650 HP
Speed Range10 - 25 KN


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