Kewatec has a Whistleblowing channel provided by Granite. The channel is secure, protective, and reliable from the reporters’ point of view. An employee or other stakeholder member may report suspected abuse or other unethical activity and receive protection from countermeasures.

The reporter may submit a notification of any irregularities detected in the channel completely anonymously if they wish.  The whistleblowing channel does not store the reporter’s IP address or other identification information in the system. The service provides a link and PIN code in connection with anonymous messages, which allows the reporter to check the processing status of the notification and, if necessary, provide additional information to the report handler. Save the link and PIN code. 

The reporter may voluntarily submit their contact details in connection with the report, in which case he or she may be contacted directly. 

Click the button below to access the reporting channel.

To the Whistleblowing Channel

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