Welcome to meet us at Aqua Nor

Monday 23 august, 2021

Kewatec will together with its subsidiary Martec AS, participate in Aqua Nor this week 24-27 August 2021 in Trondheim. At the fair, we have a stand inside D-313 and Serecraft S8 boat at SKANSEN that can be tested. Our new boat catalog is also available.

Serecraft S8 is a boat engineered as a tough work boat / commuter vessel. Suited for a large area of use: fish farm service vessel, dredger support vessel, survey, port control, towing, pushing – you name it! The massive engine room hatch enables easy access and maintenance.

Kewatec renews its logo, and the new logo will be visible at the fair. Our subsidiary Martec AS will now be part of the Kewatec brand.

Martec AS

MarTec AS is in Florvåg, Askøy, about a 15-minute drive west of Bergen. Martec AS is our subsidiary and sells commercial boats for professional use up to 25 meters in length. The company also handles the sale of marine engines and other marine equipment to the professional market. Martec AS also performs service of professional boats in cooperation with partners.

The merger with Weldmec Marine Oy has enabled the development of efficient sales and, as a result, a large order stock. Kewatec’s boat design, manufacture and delivery has focused on Kokkola and Porvoo, and installation and maintenance operations have also expanded to Bergen, Norway, through subsidiary Martec AS.

Welcome to meet us in our stands and discuss boats.


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