The next four vessels for the Finnish Navy: Testing and sea trials underway


Wednesday 17 may, 2023

Kewatec has launched four newly built Work 1920 boats from its shipyard in Lahdenperä, Kokkola. These magnificent vessels are currently undergoing rigorous testing and trial runs. These four boats constitute the next batch of vessels to be delivered to the Finnish Navy throughout the summer.

Last year, we delivered the first boat of the Utö series, and in total, we will be building nine Work 1920 boats for the Navy. The Work 1920 is designed to excel in demanding maritime operations, offering outstanding performance and reliability. These boats are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and innovative features that ensure optimal efficiency and safety for our customer.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the individuals and organizations involved in designing, constructing, and testing these vessels. Your hard work and expertise are crucial in delivering high-quality boats.

Kewatec is proud to contribute to the security of Finland by supplying these vessels to the Finnish Navy. We eagerly await the moment when all the boats are actively serving.

One of these boats will be on display at the Vesille Till Havs Boat Show in Kokkola, held at Meripuisto on May 27-28. Welcome aboard to explore our vessel.

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