The Finnish Lifeboat Institute ordered a new SAR boat


Tuesday 3 january, 2023

The Finnish Lifeboat Institutions boat fleet is growing. The fleet will most recently be strengthened by the new Kewatec Rescue 1000 WJ. The boat is the eighth PV3 class SAR boat. Last year, we delivered two SAR boats of the same size with outboard motors. The newly ordered boat has a water jet.

A 10-meter lifeboat equipped with one Kongsberg waterjet and Cummins 550 hp engine reaches a top speed of 35 knots. It has sea rescue equipment, including light firefighting and emergency pumping equipment and equipment for first aid tasks. In addition, the boat has a hydraulically opening bow ramp, which improves the capabilities of beach landings and facilitates patient transfer to the boat.

In mid-September 2022, the 125-year-old Finnish Lifeboat Institute organized a charity gala for its partners and supporters at Hotel Clarion Helsinki. The theme of the maritime rescue gala was Time to say thank you. The proceeds of the gala will be used for voluntary sea rescue activities. Kewatec participated in the event to support the Finnish Lifeboat Institute's valuable work.

Kewatec Rescue 1000 WJ

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