Kewatec AluBoat And Weldmec Marine Joins Forces: A Unique and Strong Actor On The Workboat Market Is Born

Thursday 16 july, 2020

Kewatec AluBoat Oy Ab and Weldmec Marine Ab, both manufacturers of aluminum made professional boats in lengths 10-30 m, has 30.6.2020 signed an agreement where Kewatec AluBoat Oy Ab acquires all shares of Weldmec Marine Ab, including the majority of the shares in the Norwegian daughter company Martec AS. As a part of the overall arrangement the sellers will become shareholders in Kewatec, which sets a strong foundation for the co-operation and strong development. The closing will take place during the autumn of 2020, as soon as possible.

The group of companies can through this arrangement serve the current customer base even better and implement a strong growth on a larger market area based on the biggest product portfolio on the market. The companies complete each other and may now actualize the growth strategy in Europe, Middle-East and Asia. All units will continue on their current locations. The service and repair functions of the companies already serves on 3 different locations: Kokkola, Porvoo (FI) and Bergen (NO).

Kewatec AluBoat Oy Ab:s founder Karl-Erik Wargh: ”Both companies has been in the same field of business for a long time. We have been planning for a longer time to develop something bigger based on mutual core values. The time is right to utilize the joint competences with strong expectations for the future”.

Weldmec Marine Ab:s founder Matias Iiskola: ”We have been considering for some time how to become stronger for implementing a growth strategy. We couldn´t have found a better partner for future development. We speak the same workboat language and understand each other very well”.

The joint revenue of the companies from 2019 was around 25 M€ and employed around 100 persons in Scandinavia. The customer base consists mainly of different authorities, passenger vessel owners, fishing and aquaculture industry, energy sector and companies offering workboat services.

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Kent Björklund, Chairman of Board Kewatec AluBoat Oy Ab,

Jari Ahoranta, Managing Director Weldmec Marine Ab,


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