Work 1300 Cat

Work 1300 Cat is a catamaran workboat designed for heavy-duty use.

Both hulls have a marine diesel engine. The engine power is transmitted through a fixed shaft to the propeller. Propellers are protected from grounding with a propeller guard. Longitudinal bars have been installed to protect the propellers from pieces of ice and lose ropes.

The engine power of Work 1300 Cat is 2 x 260 hp, and it is more than enough to carry the boat without cargo at the speed of 17 knots. Handling of the boat in port and other cramped spaces is smooth with hydraulic bow thrusters in both hulls.

The operating range is enough as the combined fuel tank volume is 2000 liters. The boat can carry cargo up to 25 tons. The deck can be equipped with a heavy crane, sturdy capstan, and combined fire- / deck washing pump.

All of this makes the Work 1300 Cat a suitable boat for example for maintenance tasks fish farming facility near the coast, but outside island protection.

The same thing can be said about the spaces for the crew. Work 1300 Cat's wide cabin is in the bow. The cabin offers comfortable and well-ventilated space for up to 6 crew members, two of them with a suspension seat. The toilet is designed for the cabin and you can walk in it from the deck. The back wall of the cabin is integrated with a closed locker.

Main Dimension
ModelHarbour & Terminal
Length13,1 m
Beam7,1 m
Engine Range2 x 250 - 350 HP
Fuel2000 LITER
Speed Range15 - 18 KN
Draft1,35 m
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