Good ergonomics and seakeeping abilities

The Fast Patrol boat range is designed for extremely fast operations with speeds up to 60 knots such as anti-piracy, anti-smuggling, interception, and other demanding duties where speed and performance matter even in harsh conditions.

Our Fast Patrol boats are also built with resiliently mounted, insulated noise dampening superstructure, which makes the boats far quieter and more comfortable in comparison to other alternatives. This series of boats are always custom-made to the detailed requirements of the customer.

Under deck, we can adopt accommodation and/or troop-carrying facilities. On deck, we can fit several deck gears including arm positions and related defense & security features, as well as ballistic protection.

Contact sales for more information:

Juuso Savolainen

Marketing Coordinator

+358 400 407 847

Product Catalogue

In our product catalog PDF, we have basic information about our boats. Boats are categorized
in product groups and are presented in length order.


Our way of working

In history, we've manufactured hundreds of boats. Our in-house design department designs our boats, and we tailor the boats according to your needs. All delivered boats are pieces of art and made for professional use.

Can we design, make and produce your upcoming boats as well?

See our Fast Patrol Boats

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