Joona Kivelä

Engineer, Engine & Propulsion

Isokarintie 1, FI-67900 Kokkola

You can build on Joona

“I have not yet come across for a better employer and job than Kewatec. The work community is close, and here you can influence things.” This is what engineer Joona Kivelä says when he was asked if he would recommend Kewatec to someone who is thinking about choosing a job.

However, it can also be reversed: if someone came to Kewatec based on Joona's recommendation, he would soon realize that Joona himself is one of those who makes it a good place to work.

Joona can make colleagues’ workdays at least a little brighter. He is never in too much hurry to not have enough time for a small encounter or an encouraging comment or at least the question: "Well, what's going on?". And Joona has been given the gift of good humor, one of the greatest gifts.

In the mornings, Joona comes to work in the Lahdenperä industrial area from a bike ride away. He is born a little further, in Himanka.

Like so many Kewatec employees, the sea has always been part of Joona's life. Even these days he spends time at the parents' cottage in the Kalajoki archipelago.

In Kewatec Joona, born in 1992, is one of the youngest workers. He has nevertheless reached a lot: first training for a plater-welder, then studying to mechanical- and production engineer. Joona has been interested in aluminum as a material. And of course, engineering.

Could you say that Joona's route has led to Kewatec? For the design department, Joona came through a training and temporary agency work phase. Soon Joona had a permanent job at Kewatec.

It is not bad for a man with a family including a two-year-old daughter. Joona says the family is really important to him. It is easier to plan to buy your own house when you have a permanent job.

It's also good for Kewatec. You can build on Joona.

System engineering is Joona's responsibility from shaft line to ventilation. When you look at how Joona handles the mouse and how familiar he is with the computer's secrets, it is easy to believe that he does not only play frisbee golf but also plays video games. While talking with Joona, you will soon discover that he has read more than comic books. Specifically, technology and history are of interest to Joona.

Joona's work is not always easy. It is challenging to reconcile things on a tight schedule, and you must constantly look for the right working methods.

Yet Joona sums up: “I like the versatility of my work and the fact that I can see what I had designed. I also like the direct feedback from the production crew.”

And even though Joona has not grown in a bilingual environment, she enjoys working in a community that speaks Finnish and Swedish. "Everyone gets along with each other," he says. And it is a requirement for proper cooperation. Right?

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