Jonas Krokvik

Project Manager

Isokarintie 1, FI-67900 Kokkola

From working in a luxury boat dockyard into the workboat -business

A new production line and its project manager

Kewatec has had a positive problem for some time now: the company’s volume of orders has increased up to the point where it has required consideration on how and where the made-to-order boats are built. The company has been running at its full capacity.

Some bits of the problem was solved as more space was rented for building smaller boats and thus a new production line was established. The new facilities are located in Jänismaa, a few kilometers away from the main facilities at Lahdenperä’s industrial area.

The facilities alone do not build boats, however. Builders are needed too. And not just welders and fitters but also a person who holds all the strings of a boat building project together. A project manager is needed.

Jonas Krokvik was hired for such a position in March 2018. Similar to other project managers, he is a visible, yet often invisible maker who acts as a link between a customer and the dockyard. He coordinates and controls building projects, but also takes care of many smaller and sometimes larger practical tasks. 

Jonas is responsible mainly for projects dealing with boats that are less than ten meters long. However, larger boats are also going to be underway in the future - and each project needs a project manager.

A construction engineer who became a boat-builder

But can one find such a study program in Finland, one that trains project managers for boat building -work directly? Hardly. In Finland, it is probably not even possible to study to become a boat-building engineer!

And Jonas did not come to Kewatec straight from school. Nevertheless, he knows plenty about construction work. He has an education in construction engineering. However, the skill of building boats was something that Jonas had to learn separately from his education.

Boating is neither in Jonas’ blood nor his hobby from youth. He has grown into it through work.

Jonas’ personal history includes having a job, that for someone born in Öja and living in Pedersöre with his family - may feel ordinary, but to others around the world quite exquisite: before coming to Kewatec, Jonas work for the legendary Baltic Yachts -luxury boat dockyard initially as a boat builder for two years and after that as a project manager.

In that, one inevitably gets familiar with boats and boating. And project management. And of course opulent customers.

What got Jonas to change his workplace?

At the same time, a question arises: what caused a luxury boat builder to change his workplace, to one in which he comes to contact with carbon fiber composite material, and then work and patrol boats constructed out of such rough aluminum?  Even if pleasure boats are built at Kewatec, they are also robust and durable.

We’ll give Jonas a chance to explain: “I wanted to work for a smaller and more flexible company. Projects at Kewatec are equally as interesting as in the Baltic, but they change more rapidly. The customers at Kewatec are not less demanding than in Pietarsaari - at least when it pertains to the technical implementation and equipment.”

A pleasant work atmosphere, a challenging job

Jonas likes the work atmosphere at Kewatec a lot too. “It is characterized by effective working, but the work culture still leaves room for flexibility. My colleagues are skillful experts and they have a good grip on work. No time is spent on needless conversing” Jonas is happy to recommend Kewatec as a workplace for someone who is thinking of applying for a job there.

On the other hand, the job is demanding. “It is difficult to stay on schedule when my hands are tied on these matters as a project manager.” True - the project manager may do all sorts of things related to the project, but he cannot change it into a missing spare part that is being waited for too long.

Hobbies involve metal as well

The project manager of the aluminum department cannot keep away from metal during his free time either. Jonas’ hobbies include “treasure hunting” using a metal detector. And also several DIY projects take up his time. He also likes to cook sometimes.

Jonas especially enjoys running, a hobby that gives him the strength to deal with everyday life at work: “Running is a great way to let your inner thoughts out.”

Jonas dreams of a trip to the Alps not only during summertime but also wintertime as well as completing a marathon in New York. It is good to set high goals at work as well as during the free time.

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