Work 1560 OSR

The Kewatec Work 1560 OSR is an F-class oil spill response and rescue vessel that covers the archipelago and shallow shores, but also the open sea near the coast. It can also be driven on ice.

The boat is equipped for both firefighting and rescue tasks. In addition to comprehensive navigation equipment, it includes a thermal camera, a gas alarm, a fire pump, a hydraulic crane, etc. The boat is roughly divided into two parts – a floating and therefore particularly quiet wheelhouse, and the space under the deck.

There are three suspension seats in the wheelhouse, one for the helmsman and one on both sides for the other two crew members. It also has a table and a pantry that includes a small washbasin with taps, a microwave, a coffeemaker, and a refrigerator. The wheelhouse is pressurized and isolated from the deck with an entry vestibule. This will protect the crew from toxic gases if necessary. There is also an emergency shower on the deck.

The space under the deck is divided into four parts. From the bow, the first is a storage room with a watertight bulkhead and an entry from the deck. The second part has a spacious toilet and a room that serves as storage and temporary accommodation. The space has a hatch and a loading level that rises to the same level as the deck. The boat’s fuel tanks are also in this space, as are the water and sewage tank. In the middle of the hull is a waterproof oil spill recovery compartment. Through openable hatches, oily waste collected by skimmers is pumped through the transom into bags that are either stored on the deck or dropped into the sea to float. Purified water is pumped back into the sea through the bottom.

The boat’s engine room is the closest to the stern. It is sound and heat insulated. In addition to the main engine, gearbox, and steering equipment, it also has an auxiliary engine and heating equipment, a fire pump with foam mixers, and plenty of electrical equipment. A fixed firefighting system is provided by FirePro.

The Work 1560 OSR is a highly seaworthy, fast, and handy vessel thanks to the maneuvering thruster on both the bow and the stern. Thanks to its wide and load-bearing, hydraulically opened ramp in the stern, it is also easy to load. The smaller ramp that opens from the bow helps the landing and transporting of the goods to the shore.

Main Dimension
ApplicationFire Fighting & Oil Recovery, Defence & Security
Length15,6 M
Beam4,6 M
Engine Range400 - 800 HP
Fuel1060 L
Speed Range20 - 30 KN
Draft2,3 M

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