Fast Patrol 1850

The Kewatec Fast Patrol 1850 is a fast patrol boat that does not fear the weather, cold or otherwise. The boat has two modern marine diesel engines and two water jet propulsion units. A very fast emergency stop is also possible. Under slow speeds in harbor the computer-controlled joystick controller makes the Fast Patrol 1850 incredibly easy to handle. This is convenient when you need high accuracy from the helmsman.

The boat has space in a large wheelhouse, a comprehensive navigation and communication system with latest technology, and a lot of free working space.

All the facilities have good ventilation and efficient heating. The same applies to the machine room and separated tank space, both while driving and when the engines are off. Being anchored or docked without shore power, an efficient but quiet diesel generator takes care of the power requirement of a large electrical system over the capacity of large batteries. Separate room thermostats ensure that both the waste heat of the engine and the circulating water heated by the diesel-powered heater keeps all spaces warm and provide hot water where it is needed.

The machine room, wheelhouse and cabin have mechanical ventilation while driving. In an emergency, all engines and ventilation hatches can be turned down and shut off with a single button from the wheelhouse.

Main Dimension
ApplicationDefence & Security, Fast Patrol
Length18,5 M
Beam4,5 M
Engine Range2 x 800 - 1300 HP
Fuel2 x 1750 L
Speed Range40 - 50 KN
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