Work 2200 OSR

When oil spill accidents happen, oil recovery vessels are among the best tools for managing and cleaning the affected areas. The need for these very specialized vessels is, however, very small most of the time.

Another typical problem is that the vessels tend to be too large to effectively operate in the cramped waterways and shallow areas typical of the shores around the Baltic Sea. The solution to the problems: the Work OSR-series of oil recovery boats provided by Kewatec AluBoat.

The Work 2200 OSR is an outstanding tool for all kinds of rescue operations. It is ice-classed for up to 10 cm of ice. The boat is equipped with a water gun, fed by a 3000 l/min fire pump. It is ATEX-class with an overpressurized cabin and a separate gas lock before the cabin.

With the wheelhouse in the front, a boat is an excellent tool for both oil recovery and firefighting operations. The visibility from the wheelhouse is optimal, and there are separate cameras for the deck and the engine room. There is also a thermal camera installed for fire and search operations.

Main Dimension
ApplicationFire Fighting & Oil Recovery
Length22,3 M
Beam5,7 M
Engine Range2 x 500 - 750 HP
Fuel2 x 1650 L
Speed Range20 - 27 KN
Draft1,4 M
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