Work 1800 OSR

The vessel is a sliding-arm F-class oil spillboat with two diesel engines and jet propulsion. The frame and cab are made of seawater-resistant aluminum (EN AW 5083 and EN AW 5754).

The structure of the frame has been implemented with longitudinal stiffeners and transverse arcs. The bottom of the frame is protected by a solid-built rope and aluminum consumption lists on the bow. The waterproof compart mentality of the frame is implemented to meet the damage and leakage severity requirements.

The cab is mounted "floating" with a raised stern deck. The bow has a hydraulically operated bow gate and crane.

The oil collection system consists of two moustax booms, hydraulically operated hatches, an oil collection channel, a LAMOR brush collection device, and heated and fixed 4m3 oil collection tanks located under the cargo cover. Oil transfer pumps transfer the collected oil to bags or a container to be towed behind. The nominal collection capacity is 150m3/h.

Main Dimension
ApplicationFire Fighting & Oil Recovery, Defence & Security
Length18,6 M
Beam5 M
Engine Range2 x 500 - 750 HP
Fuel2000 L
Speed Range20 - 25 KN
Draft1,1 M
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