Good visibility and the perfect working environment

The Work -series consists of versatile workboats that can be tailored to meet very different kinds of use, according to the needs of the customer. All the models have a cabin design, which ensures good visibility to the horizon, and an optimal deck design to make work easier.

Our Work & Survey Boats

The engine room of the Work series is supplied with high-quality sound and fire insulation. Working comfort on board is further enhanced by the low sound level of the workboats, which has been achieved by acoustically sealing off the cabin from the hull by floating it on elastic structures. The boats in the Work series can all be supplied with a derrick.

Heard from customer

"No matter what modifications we have requested, there has been no problem. They have been fantastic to work with, and we are very pleased with the result."

Charlotte Sandmo, boat engineer at UNIS, Svalbard

Kontakt salgsavdelingen for mer informasjon:

Gisle Johnsen

Sales, Norway

+47 48 080 950


I pdf produktkatalogen har vi grunnleggende informasjon om båtene våre. Båtene er kategorisert i produktgrupper og presenteres i lengderekkefølge.

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Our way of working

In history, we've manufactured hundreds of boats. Our in-house design department designs our boats, and we tailor the boats according to your needs. All delivered boats are pieces of art and made for professional use.

Can we design, make and produce your upcoming boats as well?

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