Designed for the hardest conditions

One of our key strengths is the professional, efficient, and flexible design procedures in our partner network and boat manufacturing tailored to the needs and requirements of professional users. We can offer a wide range of proven designs through our international design co-operation. We at Kewatec know our responsibility for safety at sea.

We highly appreciate the professionals and volunteers that make their strong efforts to bring rescue services for all seafarers. We contribute with the best designs ensuring reliable capabilities for all-weather operations.

Our range of Search & Rescue boats covers all sizes from 8 m in length to well above 20 m including self-righting models for the harshest conditions. The boats are available with different propulsions, full safety and navigation equipment, and operational speeds well beyond 40 knots.

Key properties

High-speed rapid response and operational safety in all conditions are features that are integrated into our Search & Rescue boats. Kewatec will offer you a solution to your operational profile and requirements.

The close co-operation between operators and the yard ensures a Search & Rescue boat specifically built to your expectations and standards.

Heard from customer

"You no longer must think about which vessel to respond to an urgent task on, as the new Rescue 1000 OB is suitable for all conditions and mission types during the open water season. Despite its speed and agility, the vessel is an extremely robust workhorse that the crew can rely on even in extreme conditions."

Oliver Kuustonen, the Finnish Lifeboat Institute in Kuopio

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Our way of working

In history, we've manufactured hundreds of boats. Our in-house design department designs our boats, and we tailor the boats according to your needs. All delivered boats are pieces of art and made for professional use.

Can we design, make and produce your upcoming boats as well?

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